The problem

Five years ago, we packed and distributed just 50 Warm in Winter gift bags. This winter (2019/20) we will distribute up to 10,000 gift bags. This huge growth presents us with ever increasing challenges.

We currently work from three sites where our kind partners have donated space for us to store, pack and distribute our gift bags.

Our stock arrives on pallets which we then unload, box by box and move into the warehouse. This winter that has been over 450 heavy boxes

We cannot take delivery of all our stock in one go as we simply do not have the space to store everything.

This means we often miss out on the advantages of donations, bulk buying and bargain end of season sales.

Our bags are packed in a separate space to where they are stored, which means the stock is moved again, each time our wonderful volunteers come for the day to help pack our gift bags.

These bags are then packed into boxes and moved off site ready for collection by the organisations who distribute them to cold, often lonely and isolated older people throughout Hertfordshire.

The whole process involves much time, energy and often multiple handling of stock.


The solution

We need a home of our own!

A building where we can make the storage, packing and distribution of our gift bags, an end-to-end process. Stock in at one end and packed bags out at the other.

We need a minimum of 1,500 sq feet of light industrial or office space.

Ideally on the ground floor, with good access for deliveries.

Somewhere warm and dry.

Our preferred locations are: Watford, Three Rivers, Bushey, Borehamwood or St Albans.


How you can help us

Do you own a vacant commercial property with a minimum of 1,500 sq feet? Or do have spare space in your building that we could share? Or are you a commercial property agent who knows someone who does?

We are a registered charity which means, that if your property is currently empty, there could be an opportunity to reduce your business rates liability.

Is it located in Watford, Three Rivers, Hertsmere or St Albans?

Is it available to rent for a minimum of 12 months?

Could it be our first home?

If the answer is YES then please call Lynne Misner, CEO, Small Acts of Kindness on 01923 372717 or email [email protected]