For my year as Captain of Sandy Lodge Golf Club, I am delighted to have chosen to support the local charity, Small Acts of Kindness. A worthwhile cause, that is close to my heart, they reduce loneliness and isolation for vulnerable, older people, with a particular interest in those who are cold in their homes. Sourcing, packing and distributing practical gifts and information, their aim is for every older person to feel warmer in their home, less lonely and more connected to their community. 

With your support, we can help to fill their Warm in Winter gift bags, with items that help heat the person, when they can’t afford to heat their home. Items include a fleece blanket, thermal gloves, hat and socks, hot drinks, soup and porridge as well as a comprehensive Purple Pages information pack. 
Thank you very much for your kind donation and support. Together, we can help make a lasting difference to the lives of thousands of older people, one small act of kindness at a time.

Louise Tucker

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