In an age where often the first place to look for information is online, many older people face digital isolation. Either due to factors such as access, capacity, affordability, confidence or simply they just do not wish to use the internet having not grown up in a digital age.

This is an innovative project because it works in partnership with service providers to take information directly to vulnerable, older people rather than expecting people to decide for themselves what information they need and then find out how and where to access it.

Our Purple Pages information pack contains a comprehensive range of literature about services, support and activities provided by national, county and local organisations that are relevant and useful to older people and always with a telephone contact. They are included in all of our gift bags.

Based on our experience with the Mental Health Liaison Service, based at Watford General Hospital, during the first Coronavirus ‘lockdown’, we produce an annual activity book in partnership with organisations who provide a variety of activities to promote mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Feedback received from recipients when asked the question - 
How did you make use of the Purple Pages information pack?

‘I loved everything but especially the leaflets. Lots of information about what's going on.’

‘They make me feel safe.’

‘A useful resource.’

‘I found it very informative and was able to pass on information to friends.’

'Helpful and comforting to know if we need anything.’

‘I didn’t know there was so much help to be had and often feel lonely.’

‘I read all the different leaflets and was amazed by how much I did not know about.’

“Looked through all the information and have peace of mind now I have help at hand if I am in need of it as I live alone.

When asked the question - If organisations no longer produced printed information, how would this affect you?

‘Would feel rather lost.’

‘We do need to be kept in touch, not left out.’

‘I would find it very difficult.’

‘I will never know who can help me when I need help as I grow older and need reassurance.’

‘I prefer printed to searching online. It’s easier.’

‘I would be less informed on things regarding my wellbeing.’

“I find the internet hard to use and very confusing.

If you would like us to include information about services, support and activities that you offer for older people, please contact [email protected]