As we expand our operations and grow our reach, there are more and more challenges that we face from a logistical standpoint. With hundreds of thousands of items being sourced and packed into thousands of gift bags, all of which are then distributed across hundreds of organisations, it is vital that we know our exact stock levels and progress at every point of the process.
Last year, together with our volunteer management team and in particular one of our newest members Geoff Chaplin, we sat down to try and work out the best way forward. Geoff’s expertise and experience from his career in International Product Marketing and Management led us to develop several processes to streamline our operations.
The system that we developed and implemented to keep better track of production and distribution of our gift bags was a simple but extremely effective one - labels. 
Working with Geoff to understand our requirements, the team at Zebra Technologies sent us a suitable label printer, labels and advice on how to obtain licences for use. Their incredible act of kindness has been a game changer for our production and distribution.
Alex Holdsworth, EMEA Regional Product Manager – Industrial Printers & PrintDNA for Zebra Technologies commented, “I am glad this is making a difference. Please keep us posted how it goes as we always love hearing how Zebra products perform in the wild!”

This is a wonderful example of how support, in any form, can have such a direct, powerful and positive impact on our work.