We are so pleased to be working with Three Rivers District Council who are kindly distributing our Warm in Winter gift bags.  Residents of the Three Rivers District are being invited by the council to nominate older people who are experiencing loneliness and isolation and those affected by increasing fuel costs.

Lynne Misner, CEO, Small Acts of Kindness said: “We are delighted to once again be partnering with Three Rivers District Council to help older people keep warm and receive information that helps connect them to support, activities and services in their community. Our Warm in Winter gift bags not only help heat the person when they might be unable to heat their home, but they also play a big part in connecting communities with kindness.” 

Rebecca Young, Head of Community Partnerships, said: “Working with Small Acts of Kindness and our partners is key to tackling rising fuel costs and the impact of loneliness. It is well known that loneliness can have a major impact on well-being and mental health. We hope that the delivery of these bags reminds our residents that they are not alone.”

We are hugely thankful for the support of Three Rivers District Council in helping us to reach even more older people who are in need. The council is also working other partners to deliver bags to residents across the Three Rivers District. If you would like to nominate someone to receive a gift bag please visit the council website here.