Always looking for innovative ways to achieve our aims as a charity, we are really excited to be working with M. K. Ginder & Sons to launch a wonderful social history project ‘Have the conversation of a lifetime’.

M.K Ginder & Sons are encouraging people to talk together and share their life stories with their family and friends.  We were fortunate to be able to include this in our latest Activity Book as well as helping to develop and promote it to the wider community. There are some amazing people with some amazing stories and our hope is that they will be shared with family,  friends, neighbours, carers and us too.

Adam Ginder, Managing Director said “We are very happy to support Small Acts of Kindness through sharing the fantastic work they do for our local community, helping those that need it most. Their Warm in Winter gift bags help provide comfort to those who receive them. This year’s bags contain our ‘Have a conversation of a lifetime’ guides, sharing suggestions and encouragement to share stories with family and friends.  At a time when so many people are struggling, it’s brilliant to know that organisations like Small Acts of Kindness are out there helping them.”

If you would like to share your story, we would love to read it. Click here to find out more and share ‘Your Story’.