We are excited and hugely grateful to be represented in the London Marathon for the very first time by the fantastic Rebecca Lorne who will be running on Sunday 2nd October 2022. After securing a ballot place, Rebecca decided to raise funds for us and we couldn’t be prouder.

“I was incredibly fortunate to get one of the elusive places available through the London Marathon ballot, which means that I am able to raise money for a smaller charity that may not otherwise get to benefit from big fundraising events like these. I chose Small Acts of Kindness because they do such important work in our local community. At a time when things are hard for a lot of people, their effort to reach some of the most vulnerable, and to reduce the effects of loneliness and isolation, is more important than ever”.

Rebecca has been busy training in our fabulous running vest, which was very kindly produced and donated by our friends at Cliff Sports.

Please show your support for this amazing challenge by visiting Rebecca's fundraising page.