Our wonderful volunteers have spent the last few weeks collating leaflets to complete nearly 6,000 Purple Pages Information Packs! It has been a fantastic few weeks, the warehouse has been buzzing with activity as we began the mammoth task of packing thousands of information packs. Thank you to our amazing volunteer family who have once again risen to the challenge. 

Our Purple Pages Information Packs are an essential part of our gift bags as we try to address the issues of loneliness and isolation. We believe very strongly in the need to provide people with connections to their community, opportunities for social engagement and access to support services. 

People don’t access the internet for many reasons. Confidence, capacity, affordability or simply through choice. Whatever the reason, it is vital that older people are not disadvantaged by this. 

Feedback from recipients of our gift bags and information packs have said:

‘I didn’t know there was so much help to be had and often feel lonely.’

‘I have put the Purple Pages with my phone book for when needed.’

‘It is full of useful telephone numbers especially as we have no telephone directory delivered.  Also helps friends and neighbours looking for advice.'

We have worked together with many local, county-wide and national organisations and councils including Hertfordshire Police,  Fire Service, Age UK, Independent Age and Citizen Advice Bureau to produce a comprehensive pack of literature.  Winter wise guides, saving energy tips, how to prevent falls, advice on benefits as well as location specific information about activities and services are all included.

We are hugely appreciative of our partnerships with contributing organisations. We couldn't have put this together without all of their help in providing enough literature to fill all of our packs.