The launch of our annual Winter Fuel Payment campaign sees the harsh reality of the effects that the cost of living crisis is having on some of the most vulnerable older people in our community. We are appealing to those who do not need their Winter Fuel Payment and instead to think of someone who might. If this is the case, then we would ask you to consider donating it to Small Acts of Kindness so that we can reach more older people struggling to keep warm.
We understand that this year, particularly, the Winter Fuel Payment will be of huge help for many more people. However, for thousands of vulnerable, older people the cold can kill.

You can help stop vulnerable, older people freezing in their homes by donating part, or all of your Winter Fuel Payment.  Your gift will help to fill our Warm in Winter gift bags with items such as fleece blankets, thermal socks, hats and gloves, hot drinks, soup and porridge. For some, our gift bags could be a life saver, reaching those who are having to make the unimaginable choice between heating their home or buying food.  

The increase in demand for our gift bags, together with recipient feedback, means we can see the effects from the increase in energy prices last year, only to be compounded by the current rising cost of living crisis. It is clear that many more older people are now suffering, telling us they are ‘Feeling the cold more’, ‘Spending more time in bed’ and two thirds of respondents saying they have been impacted by the Cost of Living crisis, and now use utilities less often. 
Our CEO, Lynne Misner comments “It is a sobering thought that this winter, many older people will struggle to keep warm at home, have their heating turned on for very short periods each day or even not put it on at all.  What I find uplifting is that together we can make a difference and a positive change to the lives of some of the most vulnerable older people in our communities. Thank you for your support.” 
We are extremely thankful to everyone who donates part or all of their Winter Fuel Payment to help older people keep warm and of course to those who don’t yet receive these payments but who choose to make an equivalent donation instead.
Please click here to see how you can help and donate.