A cold snap in late January 2021, followed by Storm Darcy in February, meant a wonderful blanket of snow over thousands of square miles, including most of Hertfordshire. What better opportunity to build a snowman which provided the perfect model for some of the items in our gift bags.

However he needed a name. We decided to run a competition over our social media platforms and people were invited to submit their ideas for his name. After shortlisting three entries The Captain, Cozy McKindly and Flurry Frosterson they were put to a vote and the winner was announced. 

We were delighted to send the team from Castaway Cottage a Small Acts of Kindness t-shirt as worthy winners.

The competition came in the same week that the nation mourned the death of 100-year-old Captain Sir Tom Moore.  The former Army Captain had become a national treasure, after raising almost £33m for NHS charities by walking laps of his garden during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It seemed entirely appropriate, therefore, that our snowman should be named in his honour. The Captain will provide a permanent reminder of how we can save lives with our gift bags and melt hearts with kindness.