As the clocks went back this week, our thoughts now turn to the dark and cold winter days, and nights ahead with the thousands of older people who will be sat freezing in their homes, many not seeing anyone for days at a time.

Earlier this year we launched our film, ‘A Small Act’. This captures why we do what we do, and the difference our gift bags make to the vulnerable older people, who are struggling to keep warm in their homes.

This year, the demand for our bags has been higher than ever before. We had anticipated a difficult winter, however the increase in energy prices last year, and the continuing rise in cost of living has had a devastating impact.  We are now sourcing, packing and distributing 12,000 Warm in Winter gift bags, to meet the demand.

We are asking for help to fill our gift bags with the essential items that heat the person, when they just can’t afford to heat their home. Fleece blankets, thermal hats, socks and gloves; hot drinks, soup and porridge, make up our gift bag, at a cost of £35 per bag. 

We are hugely thankful for the support and generosity we have already received from individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations. However, our costs are rising and to be able to reach the thousands of older people who are at risk of the mental and physical health implications of cold temperatures, we need more help.

You can make a difference by donating, and together, we can connect communities with kindness, one small act at a time.

"It was a gift with many blessings. I felt overwhelmed and rather moved."

"The gift will go a long way to eliminate the winter threats."

- Feedback from Warm in Winter gift bag recipients.