In an article in The Telegraph today, older people are being urged to keep warm amid severe weather and doctor strikes.

Professor Yvonne Doyle, the former medical director at Public Health England, says ‘… the other factor at this time of year is cold weather. So older people, and people who are vulnerable to stroke, [should try to] to keep warm,’.

Small Acts of Kindness works all year round highlighting the serious health implications such as stroke, heart attacks and falls faced by vulnerable older people when they are cold. 

Our Warm in Winter gift bags act as a preventative measure to help those who can’t keep warm in their homes as well as addressing other physical and mental health challenges.

Every gift bag contains essential keep warm items including a fleece blanket, thermal hat, gloves and socks, hot drinks, porridge, soup and an information pack containing carefully researched leaflets signposting older people to advice, help, support and activities.

Small Acts of Kindness believes keeping older people safe, warm and out of hospital should be a priority throughout the year and not just at crisis points.

Lynne Misner CEO and Founder comments ‘In the last 9 years we have helped over 90,000 vulnerable, lonely and isolated older people keep warm when they can’t afford to heat their home. Demand this winter has been higher than ever before and together we must work to find solutions to prevent the negative impact that being cold has on older peoples health. It’s a complex problem that needs collaborative solutions. I am pleased that Small Acts of Kindness is able to champion these issues on behalf of the millions of older people who are unable to do so themselves. We are proud to be one of the thousands of third sector organisations who work tirelessly to support the needs of older people.’

Feedback from recent recipients of our gift bags when asked ‘How has the rising cost of living impacted you and others in your household?’ flags the real struggles older people are battling everyday.

'I sit in the dark and sit with a throw.’ - 78 years

‘I keep the heating on low while at home and use communal spaces like libraries.’ - 68 years

‘I'm worried about turning the heating on all day.’ - 73 years

The cold kills and the concerns raised in the article alongside the advice to ‘keep warm’ are relevant all of the time, not just when the media choose to highlight it.