A few months ago we were approached by Herts Inclusive Theatre  to work together on a project about kindness and mental wellbeing.  Having seen our ‘Messages of Kindness’ campaign earlier in the year, HIT were keen to work together and we were equally excited by the opportunity.

Writing a message of kindness to an older person who will be on their own over the festive season was the perfect way to engage their participants.  After visiting one of their groups, we knew that their messages would be a wonderful addition to our Christmas Boxes and would mean so much to the person receiving them. 

Jenny Horan,  HIT Marketing & Development Officer, said ‘It has been brilliant partnering up with Small Acts of Kindness and giving our participants a chance to send messages to isolated members of the community. Our activities here at HIT are all about boosting people's well-being and providing a place for our young people to be themselves and develop friendships in a kind and inclusive space.  An opportunity for them to share their kindness further and wider in the community with the older generation is so special, especially at this time of year. It has been great to be able to show our support in tackling loneliness and supporting positive mental health; something which is so important to us at Herts Inclusive Theatre.’

We are so thankful for their heart warming messages, which will make someone feel loved and cared for at a time when they need it most. It’s been inspiring working with HIT and their young participants  and we look forward to partnering with them again.