Jenny is a dedicated volunteer, always happy to help with a smile and we are extremely grateful to her for the many hours she has given us to pack hundreds, if not thousands of gift bags.

“I retired at the end of 2016 and had been looking for some volunteer work to do in my spare time. I first started volunteering for Small Acts of Kindness in 2020. Their cause appealed to me because it allows me to give something back to society, focusing on older people who, I feel, are often forgotten.

I really enjoy the packing sessions, they are so well organised and there is a lovely, fun team spirit. It is an opportunity to meet people from businesses, families and retired people like me. I always look forward to the packing sessions each year, whether it's packing bags, information packs or tea and coffee. There is always something different to do!

I would definitely recommend volunteering to anyone who has some spare time. It’s been a fun and very rewarding experience”.