For the last four years, Small Acts of Kindness have been distributing free, practical gift bags to older people in Hertfordshire. Our gift bags help people stay warm at home and contain lots of useful information about activities and services. So far, we have given out more than 14,000 gift bags.

Be our eyes and ears and become a Small Acts of Kindness Ambassador. 

Our Ambassadors are local people, like you, who can help us to find older people who might need one of our Warm in Winter gift bags, a home visit, or other form of support. All we would like you to do as an Ambassador, is to tell older perhaps lonely people, about Small Acts of Kindness and share your knowledge of local activities and groups with them. Nobody knows more about the area you live in than you do! 

There is no cost involved and it is something anyone can do. It can be as simple as making a promise to smile or say hello to an older person. It could really brighten someone’s day. 

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’ - Aesop

We invite you to join the Small Acts of Kindness family and become an Ambassador. Together we can connect communities with kindness.

Click here to become an ambassador today

We look forward to welcoming you as Small Acts of Kindness Ambassador.