Our campaign ‘Heat the person, not the home’ aims to fill our gift bags with key items blankets, soup and porridge, through public donations. With the rising fuel prices and cost of living we are worried about the impact this will have on older people and are preparing for an increase in demand for our gift bags. Many more older people will struggle to keep warm in their homes and while we can’t help heat their home, we can help heat the person.  Simply visit our shop and choose which item you would like to donate. 

It is estimated that this winter will see a further 150,000 older households pushed into fuel poverty (Age UK 2021) There are already around one million older households living in fuel poverty,  having to make the choice between heating their home and buying food.  

Our CEO, Lynne Misner comments ‘Our focus this year is to provide items that will really help to heat the person, which is why we are now including soup and porridge, alongside a fleece blanket, thermal hat and gloves and hot drinks.  We are working hard to meet the increasing demand of our Warm in Winter gift bags and appreciate as much help as you can give to fill them.’

To find out more and to donate please visit 'Heat the person, not the home' campaign page. 

'The blanket will save me putting the heating on so much, so you have saved me the money’ - a gift bag recipient.