Purchase instant soup sachets for an easy and warm meal Read more



Purchase instant porridge to provide a nutritious breakfast Read more

Shortbread Biscuits


Contribute a pack of classic shortbread biscuits, perfect for pairing with tea or coffee. Their buttery goodness provides a comforting snack, making them a cherished gift. Read more

Slipper Socks


Donate a pair of soft, cozy slipper socks for lounging at home. They provide warmth and comfort, making them a perfect gift for relaxation. Read more

Hand Soap


Donate a fragrant hand soap that leaves hands feeling soft, fresh, and hygienically clean. A simple yet essential gift that brings a touch of luxury to daily routines. Read more

Days Gone By Calendar


Donate a Days Gone By Calendar for a nostalgic journey through the year. Its vintage images and timeless charm offer a warm-hearted glance into the past. Read more

Slimline Wildlife Calendar


Contribute a Slimline Wildlife Calendar to help someone stay organized and inspired. The beautiful wildlife photography brings a touch of nature to their daily schedule. Read more



Gift a delicious chocolate to sweeten someone's day. Its rich, smooth flavour is a delightful treat that brings joy with every bite. Read more

Burt's Bees Lip Balm


Contribute a Burt's Bees Lip Balm to keep lips moisturized and protected. Its natural ingredients provide long-lasting hydration, making it a nurturing gift. Read more

Fleece Blanket


Donate a warm and cozy fleece blanket to provide comfort during chilly evenings. It's a thoughtful gift ensuring someone enjoys a comfy night in. Read more

Puzzle 100 Large Pieces


Gift a 100-piece puzzle to challenge the mind and provide hours of engaging fun. Its large pieces are enjoyable and accessible for all ages, offering a joyful pastime. Read more

Fleece Blanket


Purchase a fleece blanket to help an older person stay wrapped up and keep warm Read more