A gift bag recipient told us, I have sat freezing or gone to bed early because I can’t afford to heat my home”.  Our largest Small Acts of Kindness project is our  Warm in Winter gift bags which contain items that help heat the person, when they can’t afford to heat their home,  including a fleece blanket, thermal gloves, hat and socks, hot drinks, soup and porridge as well as a comprehensive Purple Pages information pack, providing literature and useful numbers on opportunities for social engagement, support services and advice. This helps to help break the cycle of loneliness and isolation that can have such a devastating effect on an older person’s health.

“I was thrilled and comforted by all the warm and good things in one small bag. It was magic” - Warm in Winter gift bag recipient

Every winter, 24,000 older people die in the UK as a result of cold weather. 
(Age UK - 2021)


8 million older people in the UK are worried about heating their home.
(The End Fuel Poverty Coalition - 2022)

The Kindness Club is a community of people who want to help change the lives of vulnerable, older people who are lonely and cold in their homes.  We invite you to join The Kindness Club and be a part of making a difference.
When you join, your chosen monthly donation will be helping to fill the thousands of Small Acts of Kindness Warm in Winter gift bags that are gifted, free of charge, every winter, to vulnerable, older people who struggle to keep warm in their homes. 
Help us to reach more people with a Warm in Winter gift bag, making them feel warmer in their homes, valued and a little less lonely.  With your support, together we can connect your community with kindness, one small act of kindness at a time.
You can join The Kindness Club in just 2 easy steps:
1.    Choose which item(s) you would like to donate
2.    Complete the donation information on our website or scan the QR code below 
£10 a month helps provide 100 fun, interesting and mentally challenging Small Acts of Kindness Activity Books 
£25 a month means that 100 older people can keep warm in a snug, thermal hat 
£50 a month creates 120 warming packs of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup and porridge 
£100 a month helps 120 older people who are cold in their home to keep warm under a cosy fleece blanket 
£125 a month keeps 250 older people warm at home and out and about in thermal gripper gloves and pairs of thermal socks 
£350 a month can help to fill 100 complete Warm in Winter gift bags – full of essential, keep warm items and useful information

Our gift to you: Once you have joined the Kindness Club by making a regular donation, we will send you a certificate of membership. Your membership will also give you priority booking access to all our volunteer packing sessions.

Every donation helps to make a difference. With your support, together we can keep reaching those for whom our Warm in Winter gift bags provide comfort and warmth. For many, they are a life saver.

“I felt so thankful as there is so much in there that will help me. Especially when it comes to staying warm”.

Thank you for your kindness and support.
For more information please email [email protected] or call 01923 372717