'Knit for Community' was started in April by the Framework Knitters Company as a result of the Covid lockdown. As well as supporting five charities through donating hand-knitted blankets, the project has provided a positive focus for volunteers during these difficult months. There are now over 400 volunteers across the UK knitting squares and a team of volunteers are making up the blankets. Over 10,000 squares have already been donated which is enough to cover a doubles tennis court and is over 50 miles of wool! The number of blankets tops 100 and each one takes around 100 hours to make.

The blankets are being donated to five different charities supporting homeless and vulnerable people of which Small Acts of Kindness is one. 

Small Acts of Kindness will be receiving some beautiful and specially made lap-blankets. These will be included as gifts in our Celebrate Christmas boxes for older people who are on their own over the festive period.

The group have arranged an auction of 30 blankets to raise funds for the charities. More information can be found at www.lizgreen.co.uk. The auction will run from Monday 9th November until 7pm on Sunday 22nd November.

With darker evenings approaching, the project will continue and hopefully give the volunteers something positive to do. Many comments have been received supporting the initiative and one volunteer said "I've really enjoyed knitting them and having a purpose, project and worthy charities to support during shielding and lockdown. A wonderful distraction and very therapeutic too".

Any support given will be most gratefully received by us and the other wonderful causes supporting our most vulnerable and homeless through what has been an incredibly challenging time.

Thank you for your support.

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