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In total, since the project began, just three years ago, we have reached over 8,300 older people in Hertfordshire, many of whom are cold, lonely and isolated

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Warm in Winter gift bags

During the winter months many older people struggle to keep warm in their homes

Some are faced with the almost impossible choice between heating their homes and buying food

Being cold can lead to raised blood pressure resulting in increased risk of strokes, heart attacks and falls

A Small Acts of Kindness Warm in Winter gift bag contains essential, practical, keep warm items – a fleece blanket, thermal hat, gloves and socks and a mug and a pack of hot drinks and soup all packed in a reusable tote bag.
Gift bags also contain an information pack with details of local activities and services.
Gift bags are distributed free of charge to local older people aged over 55 in Hertfordshire, many of whom face the almost unimaginable choice between heating their homes and eating – helping to break the cycle that loneliness and isolation can bring

Warm in Winter gift bags are an early stage intervention that can help reduce the risks that older people face when they are cold. For some older people, they could be a life saver.

In 2017/18, generous donations enabled Small Acts of Kindness to source and distribute over 4,500 Warm in Winter gift bags

This winter, with your kindness, we hope to source and distribute over 5,000 additional gift bags.

“I am overwhelmed at the super gift from you wonderful people. I am a widow since 1978 and have always managed but the last few years I have sat freezing or gone to bed early because I can't afford to heat my home. You are angels.”

“I was delighted to receive this very thoughtful gift. It put a smile on my face to realise some people do care about the elderly. Thank you.”
‘How lovely to have such a superb gift. My bedroom is always cold. The beautiful warm blanket is on my bed every day, the lovely warm hat was on my head again today. The bedsocks and other goodies are wonderful.’

Celebrate Christmas gift bags

Christmas can be an incredibly lonely time for older people

Recent research by Age UK revealed that over 400,000 older people each year dread the prospect of a lonely Christmas

23% of over 65s (that is 2.5 million people in the UK) say that the festive season is not a happy one for them
Our Celebrate Christmas gift bags contain a selection of hand wrapped gifts such as a scarf, puzzle book, pen, biscuits, chocolates and mince pies as well as a signed Christmas card from our team and are free of charge to the recipient. They are distributed to older people who would otherwise be alone over the Christmas period
In 2017/18, generous donations enabled Small Acts of Kindness to source and distribute over 500 Celebrate Christmas gift bags

This winter, with your kindness, we hope to source and distribute an additional 500 gift bags.
‘Such a pleasant surprise. Just like Xmas of my childhood. I enjoyed it immensely’
‘I am 92 years old and can't get around much. I am in a sheltered flat, kindness like the gifts makes me not so lonely.’
‘Wonderful so very kind of people to think of folk like me. I cried a bit !!’
‘Surprised and shocked I have never received anything like this.’

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